About us

Who we are

Pirkimų valdymas.lt  team – experts in their field, excellent knowledge of procurement management processes, ready to help you to optimize purchasing processes in your company. 

Our offer

Let our team to take care of your company purchases. We deliver purchasing knowledge in simple and clear way that enables us to reach the best possible results. 

We will show you that even the trickiest purchasing situations can be solved in clear, simple and transparent ways.

Delivering only top professional services to you

We deliver only top professional services to you. In consulting, trainings or procurement services we always provide our customers with latest innovations in procurement field and show practical ways how to use them. We do not offer anything that we have not tested by ourselves and we are not sure that it works!

Why we?







You still think that anyone can buy? Each field requires knowledge, and only correct PROCUREMENT ACTIONS AND EXPERTISE OF PEOPLE, ensures that you have:

  • Competitive conditions from your suppliers
  • Correct items for the correct price
  • Knowledge of the market - you develop business by real data 
  • No problems with surplus goods in your inventory
  • More time to expand your business

What drives us forward?

We have created Pirkimų valdymas.lt  based on the values that drives us forward: 

  • To deliver only top quality and professional services to our clients.
  • To help for our clients to deepen knowledge and importance of procurement management. 
  • Never stop to deepen the knowledge and always move forward based on changing situations! 

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