Procurement audit

Sometimes in business you feel there is something missing, but you do not know what is it. Other people say everything is alright, but you wat to be sure about this. Are you sure all the costs are reasonable and the resources are used appropriately? We introduce a new service on the market - a comprehensive procurement audit.

Common procurement audits on the market are limited to procurement policy and inspection of working instructions. We go far more inside and we analyze your purchases from professional point of view checking the real market prices and what best possible prices are available.

Procurement audit covers the following topics:

  • Procedures and Procurement Policy.
  • Evaluation of suppliers' terms and conditions.
  • Evaluation of suppliers' prices.
  • Evaluation of suppliers‘ selection criteria.
  • Evaluation of suppliers‘ KPI selection.
  • Stock Audit.
  • Logistics audit.
  • Procurement process audit.
  • Competency Assessment.

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